Una muchacha llamada Milagros

Una muchacha llamada Milagros is a Venezuelan telenovela produced by Venevisión in 1974. An original story written by Delia Fiallo, it starred Rebeca Gonzalez and José Bardina as the main protagonists.

Juan Miguel Saldivar is a prestigious psychiatrist who has dedicated his time to the rehabilitation of young rebels and criminals. This serves as a distraction from his failing marriage to his wife Viviana and a rape he committed during his youth while he was drunk. But fate will bring him face to face with Milagros, the girl whom he raped several years prior, though Milagros does not remember him. In order to assist with her rehabilitation, Juan Miguel takes Milagros to the house of Judge Clemente Ruiz, a very strict man. Cecilia, the judge’s wife, welcomes Milagros with open arms, but she receives a cold welcome from her daughter Monica.

While on a trip overseas, Viviana, Dr. Saldivar’s wife, is involved in a terrible accident and she is reported to be dead. Seeing the perfect opportunity, Monica football club t shirts online, who has been secretly in love with Juan Miguel cheap football shorts and socks, plans on seducing him so that he can marry her, but she discovers that Juan Miguel is in love with Milagros. She accuses Milagros of theft, and in order to save her, Juan Miguel proposes to Milagros. But fate intervenes when on their wedding night, Milagros realizes that the man she married is the same one who raped her years earlier.